Collect unpaid invoices faster, better and ethically

A credit management and debt collection solution for creditors and debt collectors. Virteo unites creditors, debt collectors and debtors in one end-to-end platform to make the debt collection process more fluent and transparent.

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For corporates and credit managers

Where financial fitness meets ethics

Corporates can easily work with multiple debt collectors
  • Centralized management icon
    Centralized administration with multiple debt collectors
  • All data in 1 place icon
    All invoice and collection data in one platform
  • Choose any independent debt collector
  • Benchmark icon
    Benchmark recovery results and practices
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For debt collectors

Make the difference by focusing on your service

New world of clients opens up to debt collectors
  • Reach more clients icon
    Reach larger clients via our collaborative model
  • Collect amicably and legally icon
    Collect amicably and legally
  • Optimize processes icon
    Optimize your processes
  • Future-proof cloud solution icon
    Enjoy our future-proof cloud software
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Recover outstanding invoices through outstanding collection

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