We want to relieve all friction from the debt collection process. This is how.


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We connect companies, debt collectors and debtors on our platform, enabling a more efficient and transparent invoice recovery process.

Virteo is a SaaS collaborative platform allowing companies to collect their invoices faster and better, and debt collectors to help them do so in an efficient manner. Our cloud end-to-end solution is a gamechanger in the opaque debt industry as it ensures better recovery results and an ethical dealing with defaulting clients. We are active in Belgium and are getting a foothold in other European countries.  The expertise in our core business allows us to also run specialized fintech projects. For example, we developed a complete management system for third-party accounts for a large Belgian bank.

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We want to relieve all friction from the debt collection process and deliver the best financial result in the most humane manner


Unite financial fitness with ethics

We believe that efficiency and ethics can go hand in hand in credit management. Therefore, we aim to connect all stakeholders in the recovery industry and thereby ensure creditors and debt collectors achieve the best recovery results while empowering debtors to stay in control of their finances. This way, we want to prevent and tackle the debt spiral.


We facilitate wellbeing through transparency

We believe transparent communication increases personal and financial wellbeing. Only that way you can successfully take control of your business and life.


We’re not an enterprise. We’re a team of entrepreneurs.

We understand what it takes to run a business successfully. We’re on the forefront of innovation ourselves and everyone is empowered to contribute to that success.


Innovation is not a goal but a means to success

We want to empower stakeholders in the debt collection industry through innovation, increasing efficiency and ethics. We believe financial success and respectful dealings can go hand in hand.

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