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For corporates and public creditors

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Faster & better collection decisions

Forget mailing or calling to inquire on the status of files that debt collectors are processing. Directly access the Virteo platform in which your debt collectors work. This brings about a lot of benefits:

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  • You have a real-time view on the full history and results of all your files. If your client contacts you, you can intervene in real time, which will speed up the process significantly
  • No more gathering information from all places. Access all information from the aggregate of outstanding invoices or from a single debtor’s file through our centralized platform
  • Thanks to our advanced dashboards you easily take a glance at your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and steer towards better collection results

Carefree administration with multiple debt collectors

Keep up with all of your debt collectors via our cloud platform. The centralized process control provides you with a lot of possibilities:

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  • Automate the distribution of your files between debt collectors
  • Easily communicate with debt collectors in Virteo
  • Benchmark debt collectors: best practices quickly surface thanks to insightful benchmarks
  • See the latest amount due: Virteo calculates the amounts due in every step of the process. The platform also automatically reconciles debtor payments and allocates payments and charges between parties involved

Flexibility and independence towards debt collectors

Choose freely which debt collectors take care of all of your unpaid invoices:

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  • We provide national coverage
  • B2B and B2C invoices can be collected
  • If amicable collection doesn’t yield results, the legal collection can also be managed through our platform
  • We can handle very large volumes
  • Would you rather partner up with a debt collector of your own choice? We’ll easily add them to our platform!

Ensure ethical practices

Don’t let collection practices used in your name harm your brand or make you lose valuable clients. Virteo fully empowers you to align the collection process used by your debt collectors with your Corporate Social Responsibility charter or business needs. This is how:

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  • Keep track of costs charged to yourself and your clients via the reporting tool. As such, you keep the right balance between financial results and ethics
  • Offer more payment options through payment plans so you collect money with respect for the situation of your customers
  • Give debtors access to their outstanding invoices via Virteo. In this way, they become more involved in the debt collection process and can tackle their finances more pro-actively

Recover outstanding invoices through outstanding collection

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