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New world of clients opens up to debt collectors

Commercial attractiveness

Our platform helps you to better serve or win clients for a number of reasons:

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  • Using Virteo proves your commitment to an open and ethical collaboration to your client
  • Using Virteo will enable you to provide your client with all the reporting and dashboard requirements they might wish
  • Virteo allows you to communicate in real time with your creditor client about recovery results and individual recovery files
  • Virteo is particularly interesting for clients with large volumes of overdue invoices thanks to its extensive volume processing tools
  • We have connections to software packages used by creditors that will help you gain new files

Cover all collection procedures

You can collect all invoices via each procedure:

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  • Small or large invoices, coming from public or private entities, amicably or legally, via a regular or CROS/IOS procedure, etc.
  • We provide you with all the necessary tools to guide you along the way: consult the relevant private and public sources needed to take the right actions
  • You receive and process all unpaid invoices including attached files immediately in Virteo

Increased work efficiency

Minimize administrative time-consuming tasks:

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  • Start working in Virteo on files right away as your client shares them with you, rather than going through the hassle of manual imports
  • Speed up your daily to do list by using the automated calendar management
  • Process small and large volumes of files. Virteo processes large batches faster than any other platform
  • Handle files in multiple languages thanks to our multilingual tool
  • Easily add documents and comments to your files, accessible to your colleagues and creditor client
  • Make use of integrations with complementary services, such as printing, payment, data providers and call centers
  • All these features are packed in an intuitive interface that allows an efficient work flow for all your employees, existing and new
  • New clients are quickly onboarded without much effort

Forget the IT-hassle

Stop worrying about maintenance and servers. Our cloud solution puts an end to the hassle of using licenses that require updates and a vast IT-infrastructure with risk of failure. Read how:

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  • Access Virteo anywhere and on any device
  • Receive the latest legal and software updates directly as we release them without paying extra fees
  • Back-ups are handled automatically at no extra charge
  • Pay a monthly fee instead of a heavy one-off CapEx investment. This allows you to work as cost-effectively as possible

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